Where My Party People At?
Tuesday, September 9, 2008 • 6:50 AM • 0 comments

Happy Birthday Margareth Faye Tamor Aquino! Thank you very much. I really had fun. I thought my parents will not permit me but I brought Abbie and Aja :)). Yeah, then we had kwento, rush then they permitted me. HAHAHAHAHAHA! Lucky me nigger. The foods are good. Im already full. Imagine that, I arrived at 10 pm! Miracle. I really love my girls. They had a chance to roam the Village, not so. Sabaw! :)) A lot of people came. My classmates got full plates. Margie and her boyfriend is cool. They are so good in dancing. Got kilig? :>:>:> Happy Birthday din pala to his Grandpa. He is 70 now. Wow! Long live! :)

I thought my mom and Dad will not permit me. Muntik na kong hindi pumunta. Cause this effin Ajaness :)) dont wanna come na, the same with Abbie. Thangg! Because we all thought na rain will pour but we ask for signs. :)) So ayun. Next target daw kay Tin. On Saturday, I will be on Masci on morning and maybe on Tin's house on the afternoon :)).

Intrams will be on tomorrow. Im nervous. Maaga pasok and I forgot to paalala that thing to my parents. Lagot! Props are not yet settled. Our presentation is kinda crap now. The drummers are kinda stupid. Dapat kasi si Lexter na lng. Some of the galileans had a crush on them Those idiots. :)) We will got to Bambang tomorrow afternoon for the Titanium Dioxide. :

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