And the Things were okay Again?
Saturday, October 11, 2008 • 5:41 AM • 0 comments

I am in a trench again. I still cant stand this effin chapter. Aleana talked to me already and I accepted whole heartedly her apology. But it seems like something is not right. It seems like they are washing their hands and they are passing all the mistakes to me. I dont know but its parang ganon eh.

I cant say that the things were okay again, someone told me that its not cause the apology seems to be a foolish act. Its not true. They only do it cause others might ditch them. I dont know what to believe. What I have ib mind now, is really an unhealthy decision. I wanna transfer in other school. :( But because it is my last year and I will miss my "true" friends then I'll try to keep this thought. All I know is that not all things will never be the same again.

For now, I just look on the brighter side of my life. I'll just enjoy my senior year without any doubt about my friends. I'll just jump this chapter as if I never knew them. I will not let this thing affect my remaining 6 months in West. What's not to hate? The issue of course. But I really do believe that others are really a bitch. k? Bye :)

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