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I dont know if Im mad, irritated or simply confused on Eron Dramas now. I admit that Im also a drama queen but not to the extent that I will post non sense bulletins just to show everybody what I have in my life. Better build a blog. Haha. Promotion again. Naaaat! Im just uggh, drop it. Haha. Friends, leave me out of your non sense dramas. Im begging you. Im not fucking jumping in that shit for nobody although I love you all. :)

TEN random things about me.
1. My feet heart lotions :)
2. I can't live without checking my accounts in net
3. I really have my desire to go for theater ;) ;) ;)
4. I love Filipino Movies
5. I`m so inlove with Disney Channel Movies
6. I'm addicted to chocolates
7. My heart is taken but Im single (gets?) HAHA!
8. I have some insecurities that Im trying to cure
9. I'm learning to be optimistic
10. I wanna BREAK FREE!

NINE ways to win my heart.
1. Give me chocolates
2. Be kind, polite and respectful to every people you met
3. Be yourself :)
4. Be nice
5. Dont give me pineapples!
6. Love me as I am
7. Have patience
8. Know your limits
9. Be there for me no matter what and I'll be there for you too :)

EIGHT things that annoy me
1. Pretentious mammals
2. Judgemental people
3. I hate it when Im dizzy or sick
4. The scent of pineapples
5. The scratches of utensils on plates
6. When people dont listen to my side
7. Classes after vacations
8. People who dont give back my things

SEVEN things i want to do before i die
1. Perform in broadway
2. Meet the original HS Musical Cast
3. Showdown with Lawrence on the dance floor :))
4. Donate a lot of money in different charities
5. Build hundreds foundation
6. Write the story of life then have someone to publish it for me (HAHA! feeling Anne Frank)
7. Make sure things are in good condition

SIX things i need
1. SLEEP. Ohmaygad.
2. Long Vacation
3. Prettier & longer hair.
4. Money :))
5. Good, Happy and Contented Life
6. Work cause I need money :))

FIVE things i`m afraid of
2. Ghost
3. Dark
4. Heights!
5. Narrow Places

FOUR favorite things in my room
1. Pillows
2. Clothes
3. Mirror
4. Piano

THREE things i do everyday
1. Breathe
2. Sleep
3. Eat

TWO things i’ll always cherish
1. God & my loved ones.
2. Life itself

ONE confession i must make
1. I'm always afraid that I might fail and break everything I build up but as life goes by, I learned that Life is full of mistakes that makes my life colorful and worth living for :)

Gladys/22 years old/Philippines

Im beyond your peripheral vision and aiming for art school.Im a provinciana girl at heart. I do think too much and contradicts myself most of the time.The internet doesn't speak for itself. There's more than meets the eye.