If you mean it, I believe it. Let's be clear :)
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So Im back. This will be a blast from the past post :)) Im out for almost a week cause my sched is full of blahs now. But because its already sembreak, cheers! Im out to get fun and everyone else. Before anything else, let's not make it a random one. I know how to arrange everything now :)). Believe me or not, it looks silly but this one is a real good shot :D.


And the Things were okay again :)

My friends and I are okay again. No more rumors and wild guesses. I dont know but I cannot fulfill the promise I made to myself that I can never bring back the old friendship again. But in my surprise, I did. :) I think, it is not really my nature to hate people for a long time. Maybe this is the true meaning of friendship. It is not perfect but we can make it almost perfect by giving unconditional love and forgiveness to every mistake they've done to you. I think, I already unravel the mystery why God did'nt gave us the ability to read other people's mind. He did it so that we can trust and we can be trusted :D.

I might even be a ROCKSTAR!

Someone called me that Im a multi tasker! I DONT WANT! Seriously, I dont really want that word. :)) Doi, you know what I mean. Well, this week frustates me so much. I got pissed, my friends got pissed and my parents were totally pissed. Im the root of everything. HAHA! Im stressed. What more can I say? Some people are open books. They are transparent so you should count me in. Everything I felt and everything I want to say, I just let it loud without any hesitation. Without any care. Without any secret. Without any bull. NONE. And Im happy with that thing.

But this week these words mess with my action. I felt horrible about everything. A lot of misunderstandings cover me up. It started when I felt that Im ditching everything because of our UN Practice. I thought it would be alright because sembreak will follow soon but I was wrong. I was stuck in the middle of time. Projects, assignments, notebooks, rehearsals, UN Practice and I was dying already. I thought Im through accepting limits but not. Then my mom got mad cause I arrived 11 pm last tuesday and the the happenings were all crazy. A life of a rockstar rocks my world :)).

Bringing back the Sexy Time :))

UN! UN! UN! This thing stressed me so much. And now that it is over, Im hella proud. We are told by Mrs. Atienza that everyone loves the performance. Yay! :)) Okay, I thought everything will be messed up because we're so stressed and on that morning everyone was like going to give up. We had our last rehearsals on that morning then whatever na on the dance floor. One hour before the time, we were already cramming. We need to fix our hairs, put make ups, arrange our costume and props in an hour. When the performance came, everything came in its smooth flow. Ayiiie :>:>:> We're flattered :)

Last Day of Classes!

I committed the biggest mistake I've ever done in my high school life. I ditched my three classes. Yeah right, in short cutting. HAHA! I'm proud? yeah. I guess :)) We're not doing anything and everyone is included naman. Hinatid pa kami ng adviser namin. But two of my classmates remained. Ate Luz forced Honey and Jessi to come with us but they dont like. So it became a 2 vs 37 basis. I hope they could understand our stand. We dont want to leave them but as what my classmates told them, wala daw pakisama. :( I hope we could talk somehow. Maybe after sembreak or on the 29th. :).

Its not where you are, Its who you're with.

This thing happened last Saturday. Its Lola Saling's 40 days and we went to Novaliches. I got dizzy in our trip. So haba. Then naligaw pa kami. We arrived there so early then we offered the Novena. It was kinda 5 pm when almost all of our cousins came. Then ayun we all went crazy ;)). I went to the CR then to my surprise I cant find my effin sister. Ate Khate called me up to went outside then I saw my pangit sister :)) and also Pamoi and almost all my cousins. I was like shocked. Then we ate na sa labas but when other pople went home na we went inside. Only the family members were remained. I also saw my second cousins. HAHA! After ten years. Then we all went vain. Very very happy night parteeh! We stayed until 11 pm, I think. Then we went to Mommy Cora before goin home. Thank you Tito Roger for the ride. Looking forward to see all of you this Christmas. I miss you quite terribly now :( :)).

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