I'll Find Your He♥rt!
Friday, October 17, 2008 • 7:12 AM • 0 comments

You know what I mean. I'll post some updates soon, maybe on sembreak. Kinda busy now. Awww. :( Friends, thank you for the text messages and PMs. I love you all. I'll be there soon. Kay?

And to YOU, Happy Birthday, Love. Basta, you know what I mean. Goodluck for tomorrow's night. I wish you all the best for that breath taking moment of your life. I cant come because Im busy and I lack thangg :)). Kk, I LOVE YOU!

For everyone, who's adding me up in my friendster, thank you. For the people who are concerned and for those who help me in the issue last week, I SUPER DUPER LOVE YOU! You dont know how much I appreciated your what so called "little things." :)

Btw guys, I really need all your prayers for the opening of the UN Program. I'm in the Hawaii team and Im clueless cause Im not good in dancing. But please do pray for me. :))

And for the people that I really miss, magparamdam naman kayo! This is how I miss and love you so I hope you dont mind. Haha. And I wanna share this great excitement that made my adrenalin rush a while ago. RIHANNA AND CHRIS BROWN WILL BE IN PHILS ON THE 16TH OF NOV! TWILIGHT WILL BE ON NOV 20! HS MUSICAL 3 WILL BE ON OCT 24! Excited na kami ni Anthony :))

So there, I only got a chance now cause our PT is already done and its kinda okay. Im running out of time now so toodles for now :).

gladys :)

Gladys/22 years old/Philippines

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