On The Deck Of Lies!
Tuesday, October 7, 2008 • 2:04 AM • 0 comments

I felt horrible today. I am sick and I came from nocturnal nights again. So I am crappy today. Ugghh, I hate it. This day sucks!

I was shocked a while ago that only some of my what so called "friends" are already gone. I dont know what happen but good thing Aldin told me everything. There's no need to lie about that thing. I will mention names. Yes, I will. I dont wanna be a backstabber like you. I wanna tell you my side eventhough you wont ask for it. Can you please gave me a benefit to defend myself?

I dont think that I should explain myself cause I know you will still believe whatever you want to believe and I respect your decision. I know I cant please everybody naman eh. Im not affected or guilty at all. HAHA! Why should I? Am I the suspect here? I do believe that you have your perceptions and its kinda different on my side. But Im asking you to please stop for a while and listen to what will I say.

These pass few days I always hear the "Ice Princess" thinggy again. I thought it was a codename for someone whom you think cannot be trusted at all. So I only drop it cause I am not affected. But this day Aldin told me that the Gee Gurlz keep on gossiping that Im Ice Princess and I hacked Chesca's profile. I was like blank. Are you really pertaining to me? Then Aldin asked me again and I told him that Im not any of those baduy codenames. K? Then Aldin talked again and he said to me, "Sabi kasi nila ikaw daw. Yung una daw pumutak siya daw un." Then I was like puzzled. What did I do?

Excuse me, Im not Ice Princess. Actually Im one of the victims of Ice Princess. She/He told us that I like kuya Aldrin or vice versa, I cant even remember that fuckin message. Regine and I had gaps on that time because of the project in TLE. Reg told me that she cannot go online that day so I better find some project titles for us. So I did. But when I checked my fs account I saw that Reg's posted some fuckin bulletin. It was all gossips. I dont even open it. When morning comes, I told Regine everything and I got mad. We even open it in front of some people. But she told me that she did'nt so I believe in her. Then all the Lavoisier people discovered that thing and it was in the four walls of the room since then. Josephine joke on me that I was Ice Princess but I told her that Im not. Cause what would I get from those gossips? Attention? Affection? Actually none. So why would I risk my own dignity? Come to think of it guys. I am really not that person.

The one who hacked Chesca's profile is not me. Why would I do that? I even have my own problems regarding my profile. I dont even know how to hack. Kim already ask me about the hack thing. Aldin told me that you have that conclusion because I was the first one to react when Chesca ask the whole class. I only told her what I know to save her profile. It doesnt mean that Im the one who hacked it. HoMyGawd! What's the bad thing about that?

I hope you can read this one. You know what, I dont know what are you all talking about. I didnt post this thing because Im guilty, affected whatever blahblahs on your mind. I posted it because you dont even ask me for my side or is the issue true. If Aldin did'nt tell me about this thing I will not knew it. Well, I wish he did'nt told me. LOL! But how did you throw away the things that we shared? Why didnt you ask me first before you conclude on something? You know what I feel now, I am thinking that you're all plastics and backstabbers. You hate that Ice Princess because she talk at your back. But what are you doin to me? You're all the same. Now Im ON A DECK OF LIES now. I dont know but I'll just drop it. I should'nt affected at all cause Im not guilty. Thanks for dropping by my life. Im still for you no matter what even you dont need me.

Gladys/22 years old/Philippines

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