P.S: Im Not Still Over You :\
Friday, October 3, 2008 • 6:09 AM • 0 comments

Im not in the mood to go to school today but I still have to. Last night, I promised to myself that when my phone alarms I will wake up. But instead of waking up, I switch it off then go back to sleep. I woke up at 4:55 am and I still have a lot of works to do. Assignments, Projects, Notebooks, Compilations, IP and others. Ugggh, I dont even have a time to pamper myself even for a while.

School sucks today. I really had a headache for having my schedule filled with teacher's requirements and activities. I only had a break when I ditched my Physics class :)). No, I dont. We are excused because of the closing of Science Month. I enjoy a bit. But after it, we had our test in Advance Chemistry and Calculus. Chemistry was like hell. I saw a lot of spy and Melamine Victims. Haha! A lot of cheaters! Cheers pare! You made it. :)) Also in Math. Instant answer without any solutions. People are always people. Even me, I did copy some answer to Reg but I solved and asked her what to do. HAHA!

I really cant wait for college. I wanna know what college really meant. But Im still afraid. I hope college life will be friendly to me.

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