What Goes Around Comes Around, What Goes Up Must Come Down!
Thursday, October 2, 2008 • 3:32 AM • 0 comments

Its really a long title but its related on my post now. Yeah right, Karma is a bitch. But I do believe in it. But why Im still force to do things that I shouldnt eventhough I know that Karma is real? Im quite bothered now. Someone message me in friendster talking about the "seur" thing. They now discover my DLS! HoMyGawd! What will I say? Of course if it regards in my profile then its really mine. Fuck that who sent a wrong message to them. Well, I still have a right. I was like blank now.

Well, Im in my second thoughts now. I wanna erase the people that I dont know in my friendster. I wanna make it as an exclusive one--- for the people I know personally. I do accept strangers because most of them are really nice and they want to make friends with me and its fine. But if these Bitches will not be stop then I should make my move. My multiply will be open for everyone. Im not madamot its just Im just being fair to my privacy.

And Im still pissed to that Jiro Manio thinggy who spread my email to all of his contacts because he got inis to me. WTF? He's so bastos. I asked him politely but it seems that he shut the door at my face. Fuck that. Uggghhh, Im starting to say bad words again. Sorry, but I dont know how will I take this away. Some of his contacts are really getting into my nerves. They keep on judging me as if they knew me. Well, whatever fellas you're still a jerk for me. I dont wanna go down to your level . Uhhhmm, 6 feet below the ground =)))))))))))))) Oh you moron, will you please STOP! :))

Whatever! Drop it. Im pissed! FIN!

Gladys/22 years old/Philippines

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