Busy Mode!
Thursday, November 20, 2008 • 3:24 AM • 0 comments

Okay, I got busy again. I only had a few free time now that's why I dont update much my friendster and multiply. I had a lot of bitches in my heart now. And its hard for me because the other one is my friend and the other one is really my childhood enemy. (blank!) Omy Sabaaawww! How did I get well to that? I dont really want to hate someone, I mean WRATH! I dont want to, cause that's bad. I hope I could get by soon!

And I just want to inform you that Eug has a new hairdoo! HAHAHAHAHAHA! Wow Bangs! Nakaawww! Judge her look. Its a 30 minutes trim. BLAAAGG! =))))))))))))))


Kamusta naman yan? =))

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