But God had better things in mind!
Sunday, November 30, 2008 • 3:38 AM • 0 comments

Pretending that someone else can come and save me from myself.... I really love Twilight! Yeah right, the book is better than the movie. But what the heck? The Cullens are so hooottt! Jasper and Edward can bite me right now =)). Bella sucks in the first part of the movie. Putek siya, she sounds VIP there ah but I love her kilig moment with Edward. Dati, I thought Robert Pattinson is not the right man in the movie. In my mind, there's a lot of hot actor in the Hollywood so why him? But now, OMG! He's soooo hooot! I don't know but it seems like he's the perfect Edward. So whenever I read something about Twilight or Edward Cullen, Robert Pattinson always come to my mind. Tsk..tsk..tsk.. So then drop my Twilight madness! I think I have a lot to share. :))

I can't remember all the dates but I will try to tell the scenes chronologically as possible.

1) I'm still in my sarcastic side because of my friend. I really hate myself for hating her. I always tell myself that I should not hate anyone, I should not be under wrath. And it improves, a little. I'm still on my process. The thing that Jane and Antonette knew it all, we always talk about it. I always feel guilty after we talked about her. It probably means backstabbing. :( I don't know but I really can't find time to discuss this matter to her. I was like raising hell. Forgive me. I really hate to do this.

2) I'm so sick of myself. I hate this kuneho inside of me. I always make stupid excuses that really dont excuse me at all. Eff ka Gladys! You're so stupid!

3) Im late. I saw his comment on Ate Jax's album 17 minutes ago pa. Then I went on his site, 21 minutes ago! Puakenineni!

4) I really broke my heart to Thola. I dont hate her actually but she became stupid now. awww :((

5) I really cried my heart out for my sister. Eventhough she's not as good as I think, she dont deserve to be treated that way. It seems like her teacher make baliktad the story para mapagtakpan ung mga mali niya. Then my parents didnt believe her at all. Its unfair. :((

6) Im forced to have our MAPEH Practice in our house. I really dont want cuse its hassle. I own the space and the player. I dont even know if they'll permit me with the player. Uggh!

7) 4 days na holiday! Good thing Im studyin here in Pasay. I'll be leavin West High soon :((


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