Hippie Flippy!
Sunday, November 16, 2008 • 3:00 AM • 0 comments

I got nervous a while ago. After a long maintenance of that effin Friendster, my friends flushed down to two! Jesus! After they suspend my friendster, they are flushing my friends.. I mean everyone's. So Im having this friendster dilemmas at all. I wanna go cancel my account when I already retrieve it but friendster is now a part of my almost 2 years system. And I got trilled when someone texted me that when I open my a friendster homepage , my computer will be infected by a virus which is not true. Well, cheer up jerks! :)) Imagine how we're all affected in our friendster dilemmas while the economy is starting to sink now. Well, as always. Nothing to change :D:D:D.

So get down about friendster fellas! :)) Twilight is already killing me! The soundtrack is really really great plus the songs that were sang by Paramore, Linkin Park, Rob Pattinson, etc, surely rocks! Homygawd! I cant wait for Honey's sissy to send me the site of the PDF! Well, Im on a diet now beacuse of my effin luho :)) So currently Im owned by boredom. Cause Friendster cause me too much trouble now. So multiply made a rebound. Dati, few people update their account but now most of them are so into it. Yay! I love multiply more now. Well, I used to love Friendster but because of unreasonable suspension of my account, I hate it till core.

By the way about my grades, I'm quite disappointed with the 3 subjects. My Filipino got 89, Values 88 and my Physics 90. Yeah its high for others but since Im running for an above 85 grades, those line of 8s should be already erased now. =( Well, lucky me. :))

I miss my friends now. Not the classmates, k? HAHA! Difference! Sabaawww! School already takes a big part of me and now it demands for my whole. Well, I'm craving for christmas now. 39 days to go and that's a month to go. I hope it would be good.

Milrose! Miss na kita :( Sana bumalik ulit yung summer. Sorry if hindi kita nakakausap sa ym minsan. It doesnt mean na ayaw kita kausap ah, busy lang talaga mare. Well, MALAPIT NA ANG TWILIGHT! At kinikilig na rin ako kay Edward Cullen. Im gonna die na. =)) I went gaga again :))

Chris Brown and Rihanna! Gawd! I cant. According to my plan, I cant talaga eventhough I have my own money now. Its just I cant go takas at night. I cant tell that we had a group work then after it I'll got to bday parties. I cant! I cant! I cant! That's why I hate curfews. I hate gravity! I hate strict parents! =))))))))))))))))))) Well, when I grow up, Im sure I'll have a lot by then :).

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