Tuesday, November 25, 2008 • 2:55 AM • 0 comments

Im already fed up now. I am so irritated. I only post this blog post cause Im not feeling good at all. But Im not fishing for compliments or sympathy here. Kay? I wanna be brutally honest to myself that I really hate my sister now. She sucks! Ah yeah, this is really a war!

Why is that she had a lot of issues on me? Fuck! she's standing behind me now. Well, I dont fuckin care. I really hate everything about her. I have a right to hate her cause she hate me too. I'm sure about it. It seems that she acts different in front of other people. She always put me in shame and she always ditch me. My parents dont want me to get angry to her but she always did that thing on me. She's so madamot and she always break her promises then my parents will always compare her to me cause she's nicer than me. Nice? If that's what you called nice then better shut this conversation and call me a devil.

She owe me a lot now and I know that Im really a sumbatera pero wala pa ring effect sa kanya. X-( But if I owe her something, even a 20 box she can't forget it and it seems like Im the one who owe her something.

By the way, the most important of all is TWILIGHT WILL ON CINEMAS TOMORROW! I hope I could watch. I really need to beg. And my effin sister made gatong pa. Puakennineni!

Gladys/22 years old/Philippines

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