Before I say Goodbye to Yesteryear :)
Wednesday, December 31, 2008 • 1:42 AM • 0 comments

I'm supposed to do my assignments and projects but I got lazy when I realized that I need to stay awake until midnight for the New Year's Eve. And I dont feel any New Year present at all. It rained so hard this day and I'm afraid that fireworks will not work tonight :( I'm still stuck in front of our PC and I'm still hoping that I can do something productive today (like doin assignments, projects and other school related thing, etc.). I know I'll be in cramming mode again.

I dont want to dump something on my blog today but I decided to post my "New Year's Resolution" =)) Last year, I dont have any New Year's Resolution cause I'm not in the mood and I cant remember someone who made his/her resolutions at all. But since I'm already energized and inspired about everything I heard from random people. And I think my resolutions will help me face my future (bein 16 and college life). I dont know if I can make it. But I wish :)

My New Year's Resolutions!
1) Control my temper. ( I realized that I am usually irritated and mad when I got pressure because of school.)

2) Take good care of my health and hygiene. ( When I'm so busy studyin or doin something for school, I forgot to eat and even take a bath before sleeping! What a shame :]] )

3) Save a lot of money ( Okay, I know. I'm sooo gastadora this year. Not only this year but every year. :( I really need to save a lot so that I can buy whatever I want and I can go wherever I want to go without any worries. I dont wanna murder my parents' money by begging them to give me some.HAHA! )

4) Focus ( My attention is always disturb by the things or people around me. I was like a rolling egg if I cant join them. So this is the time to break in! Focus Gladys! Focus!)

5) Stay out of the PC if not needed ( Uhhhmm, yeah. This is a resolution. A real hard thing to deal with. I consume a lot of time by just staring and surfing a lot of sites for me to fit in and be productive "daw". )

6) Avoid over indulge of foods like sweets and other junks ( That's why I gained a lot of pounds now. It is because of junk foods and chocolates that I always put in my stomach. I know that I'm afraid to have diabetes or whatever sickness I may have but I cannot escape my cravings. So this year is my chance!)

7) Have discipline ( I always break the rules for my cravings. Now that I'll be sixteen I should know what to take and what to breathe)

8) Don't be so sensitive ( Yes, I am so sensitive! Now, I should avoid it for people cant always adjust for my feelings. I should also care for other's feeling too)

9) Dont be selfish. Open yourself to others. (Im not good in open-ups that's why I'm so quiet when I dont know anyone in a group. Now, I promise to be a friend to everyone. Be friendly.)

10) To study harder. (I really need to study seriously and harder than the usual. I cant afford to fail any subject. Soon I'll be in college and I dont have any plan to shift, fail, or waste any time or money.)

11) To keep all these resolutions! I hope so. But seriously speaking, seryoso ako about this thing.

So, that's it. The resolutions and promises are not yet done for I know na madadagdagan ito soon. Maybe tomorrow I'll be posting the highlights of my 2008 journey. 2009 na bukas and 12 days to go I'll be sixteen. Soon will be graduation and college life. Then work na and alot of money =)) Advance ba ko masyado? :)) Excited eh :))

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