Got Me In The Water So Deep...
Thursday, December 18, 2008 • 4:08 AM • 0 comments

I erased already erased my previous blog for this day. I have a lot of things and memories in my mind. Now, I know na dapat hindi ka pala atat. :)) I should post a blog entry after a day but it turned to be like "run-on" moment :). Kay, my fault.

This day turned out to be an advance worst Christmas expectation. Tita Ema died today. I'm too lazy to do something this morning and I am so happy while watching the fake DVD of "They Kissed Again." Then my mom called me up to take a bath so we could go buy my exchange gift for tomorrow's Christmas party. After I took a bath, I went upstairs then I heard my sister's shocking voice. I dressed up very quickly then I asked them, and so I learned. My cousin is still crying now. And his lil bro didn't know at all that his mom already died. :(( I'm teary eyed a while ago and I realized that this could be the worst Christmas ever. Our family don't have any plans now if we are goin to Ilocos for the burial. We will spend our Christmas in Pangasinan then we will go to Ilocos. I don't have any idea if this will work out :(( I wanna go and say my last word to her.

Btw, my previous blog post says that we didn't won in Rap-a-Math. So that's it. I hope everything would not be so harsh. I hope everyone who's involve can accept the fact that we work hard for it not just to grab popularity but pride. So hello there blabber, ****** :)) Kasalanan ba namin kung bakit lagi naming natalo yung section niyo? Well, eat our dirt. Latak na lang daw kayo! =)))))))))))))))))))))))))

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