Hello Manila, Goodbye Ilocos! :(
Monday, December 29, 2008 • 6:48 PM • 0 comments

So I just arrived in Manila this morning and its so effin cold. Pero wala ng mas lalamig pa sa Ilocos. I'm starting to miss it again. :(( I really dont wanna go home and I was like determined that I will make paiwan and babalik na lng ako on the 3rd day of January but I remembered my tons of work. Yeah they told us that 5 days is long enough for everything but short enough for love. So are you ready to commit incest? =))

It is not really in our plan to visit Ilocos. Our plan is we are goin to spend our holiday in Pangasinan but Tita Emma died and so we need to go to her burial. I was like not too excited because I'm so sad. I was like imagining what would be the people's reaction and how things would go as time goes by. We are supposed to have the trip on the night of 24th but the rain is so hard and my father is sick so we move it in the 25th of the morning. My sister was so inis cause its effin cold and the fact that she hate day trip. :)) We arrived at 4 pm and its very early pa cause were expecting to be there at 7 pm. But that's good. :P

Lola and Lolo got gulat :)) Then we went to Tito Francis' house for Tita Emma's wake. I'm expecting that it would be hard to communicate with them but no. :) We did this Bayan-Away thing until 28th. We all cried on the last day of the wake and on the burial. My cousin, Aldrin and Tito Francis na sa pagkakaalam ko ay matigas, umiyak din. And my heart was like hook to my cousin EJ cause he really looks innocent about the things happening around him. Well, he is only six pa lang naman. I hope they could catch up.

A lot things happened. Burial, baptism, wedding and other traditions. I saw everyone cried for the first time. And me too. My ugly eyes are not stoping to cry. Gaga this heart talaga. Very sentimental. I'm not that so afraid when I'm all alone cause I know that Tita Emma is kind and she will not scare me at all. :))

Then we went to Gulgol (I dont know if the spelling is right). It is a tradition that after the burial, the family and relatives will be washed with burned hays, hilot with basi then will take a bath in a sea or in a river. After that, we went to their house (Tito Francis' House) again and we ate. =)) No wonder why I gained pounds this season. Then we went to a baptismal and wedding in Batac. Im so pagod.

Yesterday is our last day. We went to the farm and I had so much fun. We took a lot of photos. In the afternoon, we went to a "luahlo" a padasal, then Tito Francis, Aldrin, EJ and Tita Riza came to visit and say bye bye. Ayun, muka na naman kaming baliw magpipinsan. Our aunts also imagined us to be siblings with only one mom! A heck of roller coaster ride if that thing happened. Im so happy atleast we are not that too sad about what happened to Tita Emma.

We say our goodbye to the people in Ilocos at 6 pm. I really dont wanna leave and I'm teary eyed. And now that I'm in Manila, I'm still wishing for another vacation. I'm not used to this city anymore. Well, need to finish this entry, the same as the pictures too. So bye for now.

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