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Friday, December 5, 2008 • 10:59 PM • 0 comments

Well, hello there December! I can still remember the time when I wrote in my blog hello October or whatever blah blah. It only means that I really post a little in my blog since the start of school year but then I try to keep it updated every month. This is my only possible free time, yes Weekend! School is stressing me out. It demands my whole. I'm always out for practice and I always got home late. If I'm in our house tons of assignments and projects are still waiting for me. My schedule is fully book now even my Christmas break. Yes, I really wanna have fun in my Christmas break but my monster teachers already filled my load! At least they will not haunt me or I can't see their fugly face during Christmas break. It would be definitely relaxing. :))


Since the end of November, My half self is in school. Until night. Not a night life for me even though some considered me as nocturnal. Doi, cheesy ba? :)) Its kuwago night! We always have a practice and I can't escape. I don't have any "takas" expertise unlike Antonette Ramos and Mary Jane Nofies. Yes, special mention. :)) We practice our stupid dance recital for almost two weeks for us to come up with a what so called "perfect 10 minutes dance." Sabaaaaww! Do I really need to sacrifice a lot? I always go home late. And last Thursday I went home at around 10 pm. I dont even see my mom. They are all asleep. I don't even have my dinner. Having my dinner erased in my system would be good cause I can consider myself under diet and tipid days. :))

And on the Wednesday, our very very big day! Sabay sabay na mga events! I don't know when will be our foundation day. Rap-a-math, Speech Choir, Drama Fest and soon to be Christmas party and Graduation! They have a lot of preparation so hello superstar again! :)) Told yah, join PBB na ksi Anthony! :))

So I saw HS Musical on Disney Channel again :)) Goosebumps! Gabriella and Troy's moment, the breaking free fever! :)) La lang, I just saw it! I have a plan to change my blog skin again. Just like what I did to my multiply and friendster, my blog needs a new dress. I'm having my second thoughts if I will make a facebook or not. :))

And for my twilight fever, I watched it for almost 7 times and I'm watching it again. As in very now :)). I love my friends for liking my fad. HAHA! kidding Doi. So now, I didn't go to our Speech Choir Practice cause they sent me a late text message. Tomorrow I will be goin to Deion's Birthday Party. Toodles!

MAPEH Practice!

Before they leave our house :)

Before our Presentation!

After Presentation. Sweaty Picture! :))

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