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Friday, December 19, 2008 • 4:13 AM • 0 comments

Little description, pictures and kwento soon! I am really really sleepy now. Well, our Christmas Party is so cool. Ang tagal niya, sobra! Bye Classmates, I will miss you :) Have a fun filled Christmas Break.

I left in school at 3:45 pm and I decided to went home but ended up bumping Milrose in MOA. :)) She texted me that she's there with her friends so I went there with my classmates. Thank you Mary Jane and Eugenio for coming with me. Then Milrose saw me. Well, I was looking for her but my small eyes can't see her. Good thing her Bryan saw me :>:>:>.

Milrose accompany me to wherever I like and we only ended up gossiping about different people. People in Nucleus, you are involved! :)) Omy Royal Hotness! =)))))))))) We went to the hypermarket and we are still talking about someone then she say goodbye to me when her friends texted her. So do I. I also went home. I am in the jeepney when she texted me that she will find me in MOA but I can't reply cause my freakin phone don't have any load again :(.

Now, Im starting to miss her again. Oh my God, maybe it will take years again before I see her. :)) And new haircut! Plan has been changed. Instead of having Pangasinan for reunion, we will be in Ilocos for the burial of Tita Ema. Sorry Fortin People :( Hope you could understand :D.

Balot Eating Contest. Omy worst game ever! :(

I miss you, Baleleng! Asa Friendster ko yung iba :)

I had it trim :)

Little description huh? =)))))))))))))))

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