Its something I cant get my head around!
Sunday, December 14, 2008 • 3:17 AM • 0 comments

HoMyGawd! Im rambling again. I have a lot of homeworks and I'm not yet starting any of it. I'm too lazy and too bobo to make it :)). Wtf? All my tagalog skills are getting into their "gasgas" level because of four essays. Yeah, mga sanaysay na walang saysay. I'm not determine to commit nocturnal moments now. I'm so stressed with the previous activities in our school these past two weeks. Stressful but I find it kinda fun :D What am I supposed to do now? Its already 7:53 but I didn't start any of them. Fuck all the monster teachers who already raised hell by giving a lot of homeworks before Christmas Break. And guess what? Contest pa on he Wednesday.

What now? At may gana pa daw akong mag internet. I really cant stay out of our PC. At ngayon nakatunganga na naman ako sa harap ng PC natin. Yeah, certified addict. Be proud :>:>:>. My mom will be surely piss again if ever she notice it. And btw she got pissed a while ago again. The reason, AKO. I only told her about my NO! NO! to Adamson as my soon to be school. She told me that its nice because it includes Accountancy on its course. So back to zero basis again. Akala ko its okay na to them for me take my very very love in the beginning, "Architecture." Well, I'm wrong.

Then I got asar to my dad din kanina. Kasi naman...kasi naman... I can't explain it. :)) Basta I dont know if my effin sister notice it. =))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))

Countdown na to. What am I supposed to do if I hate Filipino? And all of a sudden tons of Tagalog essays are still waiting for me. Tomorrow our ever lovely big lantern will have its final decision. I went to school with Tin a while ago. We placed the our very big lantern in the guard house. I'm not sure of it but Jane told me that its 8 feet. Well yeah, its kinda huge. Hassle for me. Tin's dad was like goin to kill us because of a rush surprise.

I thought we are goin to Lola Loring's burial today. Well I hope we did cause wala rin pala akong ginawa sa bahay namin :)) I dont even have a time to say goodbye to her. Its such a hassle kasi for me to travel pa papuntang Pampanga. Well then Christmas will be never be the same without them but I hope it would be fine.

Tita Dodi will be comin from Hongkong this Christmas. So this call for a reunion. And my grandma agreed that she will have her 2 months belated birthday this December. So saya na naman ito. Kamusta ang buhay ng feeling busy? :)) Ewan ko sayo! :)) Last week of classes na pero I'm still hangin on my fully book sched. Sana excuse kami bukas! Sana walang gagawin. mY God1 I'm so wasted :(

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