Why do all things come to an end?
Sunday, December 7, 2008 • 4:09 AM • 0 comments

So I have all the energy to post something on my blog now because of my new layout. :)) Thank you codes, Thank you html and thank you self! HAHA! Christmas is coming and its getting cold. Im soo excted for Christmas Break now. But I got sad. Why do all good things come to an end? Like flames to dust? And lovers to friends?

I'm having my good sleep this morning when my Mama Cel (my tita) came into our house. They are quite noisy so I decided to wake up. They were all speaking Ilocano. I can't understand them but when I was about to step my feet on our stairs I heard the word "patay". I am screwed. I'm starting to feel something in my heart. There's a lump on my throat. Then I went in our sala. But I did'nt give them an eye to see my motive to discover what they were talking about. I went to our bathroom then after 15 minutes I went to our sala. They were all noisy and I saw my mom holding the phone and she was talking to my aunt, Mama Norma (I knew it cause she mentioned Mama's name). It seems like they dont even noticed me. But as what my plan says, I really need to know what they were all talking about. The my Mama Cel went beside my mom. Dad came to me then he told me that "Patay na si Lola Loring. Kahapon pa." I was like... what? After Lola Saling, Its Lola Loring naman.

I knew it. I'm not new on this business. Everything has its own ending. The same as everyone. Hayy, Christmas is fast approaching and I know it will never be the same without them. I don't even know how or why she died. All I know is that something is destined to happen. Even the death of Lola Saling was opened up. Its a family matter so I will not therefore discuss it in my blog now. I will miss Lola Loring. She is so kind pa naman and very very sweet. My prayer goes to you Lola. May you rest in peace.

I'm thinking of it all day long. Until I watch a movie, surf the net and until Antonette called me up just to ask about her PNU thing (duh! HAHA! Kiddin.) Well, mabuhay Manny Pacquiao! Good job. I didnt watch the whole thing. Katamad kasi and I know that he will won. Another human died again. Marky Cielo. Why am I so affected? I dont even know.

Dear GOD,Instead of letting people die and having to make new ones, why don't You just keep the ones You have now?
-Children's Letters to God (the musical)

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