Why people felt so random today?
Monday, December 8, 2008 • 3:37 AM • 0 comments

Crazy day again! :)) I really love my friends (knock!knock! the real ones lang) We attended the division meet in Cuneta Astrodome a while ago and its so cold. Even I have my hood the atmosphere is still going inside my system. Boohoo! :)) I saw a lot of familiar people and hello there my elementary classmates. I'm so disappointed to some of my old friends, they ddidnt talk to me at all. They can't even look me in the eys. :( Reunion! :))

I had a very fun day although we got bored so we just took a lot of pictures and my phone was already full now :)). I love you guys! We all thought that this day is a tipid day cause our class was already cut due to Division meet but we need to stay for the practice. We ae a lot, took a loy of pictures and super duper kwento and ofcourse we have all our fun and oops moments. Luigi fell on the hole! Imburnal ba yun? Not naman ata then he went driving na! :)) I can't describe it and I'm really laughing so hard. Until now. :))


I felt so random too. I'm asking myself if he can still remember me? While Im in the jeepney, I keep on wondering what's goin on and what will be goin on. :( Now, I felt so vain. Why can't I keep myself from thinking of you? Why can't I keep myself loving you even though I know that there's something to keep this feeling aside? Why can't I live my life without loving you? And why can't I not hurt you while you're slowly killing me inside?

I can fight for you even I know that the ball that I am holding will surely lost. But why not we take chances? Why not try everything that is possible? I am sure something is meant for us. I know.. I know..

Arnold knows, its okay to take time, Its okay to study a blade of grass!
(-IRIS, Children's Letters to God, the musical)

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