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Friday, December 12, 2008 • 3:28 AM • 0 comments

Yesterday is the biggest and the worst day ever. Speech Choir is the bomb! =)) Talo na nga, napahiya pa. Performance day na but we dont even bother to memorize the piece so ayun pakapalan at sandamakmak na pandaraya na lang ang choice for us to escape the bitter reality, that we only have 1% of the chance :)) So Im not the only one na nakafeel nun. Kamusta naman ang faces ng mga kaklase ko na nakayuko, nagbabasa at nagbubuka ng bibig na iba ang sinasabi? I really cant get it out of my head how we all look stupid in front of the Westians and Judges. Natatawa ako na nahihiya. =))))))))))))))) We had our cheer pa na "We will win! We will win!" Ayun, talo! Eug, Jane and I had our own conversation pa about that thing. Since kasali din ung mga siblings nila, doble ang kahihiyan.

Eug: Hala, nanonood pa naman kapatid ko.
Me: Si effers?
Eug: OO! Panigurado asaran to sa bahay. Sabi ko pa naman talo sila.
Jane: Ako nga rin eh. Laitan portion talaga to.
Me: Wala na to. Buti na lang wala akong kapatid dito kundi namatay na ko.
Jane: Wala na pariwara na to.
Eug: Picture na nga lang. Smile ah. Para naman kunwari nanalo tayo. =))

So ayun. Cheezy ba? Kakahiya kasi eh. Hindi ako maka get over. Well, Drama Fest talo din. We all brought our tired hearts lying in dirt. This is our sweetest downfall. So ayun okay lang. Dapat masanay ng mapahiya. =))))))))))))

Well, Happy Birthday Angela! Wish you all the happiness Aja. I love you. One month to go and I'll be sixteen. :( I dont want.

How I wish that all the people I know and love will always stay here by my side. :( God, please give them some time to be with their family first before you take them away. Always look at the brighter side of your life :D:D:D

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