The day I ditched everything...
Thursday, January 15, 2009 • 2:12 AM • 0 comments

Oh balls! I dont know how will I narrate everything. Where would I start? Every bad news seem to be a good news for me. HAHAHAHA! My friends told me that it sucks. Well, I really want to be an optimistic one. Yeaps, I already gave up on some things. There's no need to hold on. Sometimes we should be wild! Omy! =)))))))))))))))))))))))))))

It all started last Tuesday, the day after my birthday. We had a lot of things to do and the Galileos were absent. So we decided to be absent the next day and cut our class at 12 in afternoon to buy soil for the CAT class. Ayun, layas to the max. We had some second thoughts but who cares! Even the guard didn't notice us at all. So ayun, saya saya daw namin. After going to Cartimar, we went to Jollibee because were too hungry. Tin, Jane, Antonette and I had a lot of kwentos. Gossip girls :>:>:>

The next day we went to The National Library. Ayun, got pagod lang goin around to find some books. And btw we saw a cutie! :)) Yeah, more like a maangas dude but he's cute daw. =)) Ewan ko ba sa mga mentalidad namin. HAHA! Then we had a tiring day at parang pumasok lang kami. I arrived home at 4 pm then I started to be busy na with my assignment.

Someone texted me na we will be suspended and its true. Addfnjfnjsjkfdnmjkdj! This is my first time to be suspended because of cutting classes. Homygawd! That is not really cutting classes. Our teachers told us that its okay cause its school related but our ever dearest effin Values teacher was like getting hysterical at all. Wtf? She's the department head and she told us that we are all liable for the crime ans that calls for suspension! Wow! Major Award namin yan.

I hope people could now everything about her. Starting from her words to her moves to her hypocrisy until to her mayabang words! Oh Balls! :)) I wanna tell everything about her but I need to graduate first before I bounce back :P. Natatawa lang ako :)) Wala na kong masabi. =))))))))))))

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