How long will I be waiting to be with you again?
Monday, January 5, 2009 • 2:10 AM • 0 comments

So, how will I start with this entry na hindi exaggerated? :)) Let's start with AKALA KO MAY THIRD EYE NA KO =)) People knew the drill because of me. School sucks now. I got tired and of course irritated about the things happening repeatedly. Yeah, you knew it right, REPEATEDLY! Summer, when will you be coming? :((

I was like counting down the days because school sucks now. Because the fact that I have my almost 2 weeks vacation I became too lazy to have everything in touch. I already have my plan now so I can finish all the work. It was like chop chop thang. And oh I will be the quotation tomorrow. Dayum! English class is cool today except the for the fact that we will be having the lesson blahblah tomorrow. Long test and Periodical test will be soon. And btw, I have a problem. I don't know how will I tell to my mom that we need to have an overnight tomorrow. Its so hard cause I know that they will not permit me and if I will be out at 9 pm, it will be unfair on the part of my groupmates. Fuckin research! It finally demands my whole. =(

I made others envious a while ago cuz almost all of my gals wanna go to Ilocos. Oh Ilocos! I miss you quite terribly now. I'm starting to scream for summer now. I miss you :( I hope my sister cant read this blog but I feel that I'm already committing "fbbgnsf" because of thinking and having a crush on him. Pffftt! How can I do that? =)) Whoa! Need to go. I will do a lot of job as in a lot. I need to sleep for 10 hours. So I need to do a lot of stuff! =))))))))))))))))))))))

Btw, before things get worse, I read in a blog a while ago that the UPCAT results will be this January and I'm really praying na sana I will passed. Omg! I was like begging na. Pleeeeeaaaasssseeee!


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