I'll be dead fho shou!
Thursday, January 22, 2009 • 6:50 AM • 0 comments

Yay! Supension denied! =)))))))))))))))) Im so lucky, feeling so lucky. And the only thing we need is an apology letter and btw, let me tell yah something.... David is a lier!!!!!!!!!! WTF? Mambobola. :))

So friends, don't tease me anymore cause luck is always by my side. Yabang :>:>:> I learned something from this situation, that is to BREAK FREE but not to CUT OUR CLASS again :) Although, this thing brought excitement, fun and thrill in my high school life.... it can be considered as one simple act of rebellion.

Bye for now. Projects on the go. TUP on Sunday. I hope I'll pass it. Its my only future for Architerture! :D

Gladys/22 years old/Philippines

Im beyond your peripheral vision and aiming for art school.Im a provinciana girl at heart. I do think too much and contradicts myself most of the time.The internet doesn't speak for itself. There's more than meets the eye.