Legally 16 :)
Monday, January 12, 2009 • 3:50 AM • 0 comments

Thank you God for this day. I am really thankful that you let me celebrate my sweet sixteen peacefully although I dont have a choice but to stay in school for almost 8 hours :)). Thank you very much for my loving family and friends.

Well, I wanna thank everyone. I really appreciate your nice comments, PMs and text messages.

Classmates- thank you very much for your warm greetings. I really appreciate your birthday song for me when I was about to leave the school. =) Sorry, I really dont have any plan at all for my sixteen. Next time, I'll make it sure that you can all come. Debut? :))

Alexandra- hey! nagulat ako sayo :)) Thank you summer friend :D Advance happy birthday to you. Regards me to Alandia :D

Aldrin- Couz! Thank you. Kamusta naman yun, nawala ka habang ka text kta? Anu na nga ung pangalan? Angelie ba? Umamin ka naaaaaaa!!!!!! :))

Carla- thank you. first to greet yung text message mo :)

Arby- I love you tating babes! mwahh :-* thank you :)

Aja- thank you for making me special in your PM :D

Loreign- hoy, mean mo! :)) I love you dude. thank you so much weirdo. Im really ready to bang the hell out of you everyday. =)))))))))))

Nelsito- what do you want? eeewwwiieee. thanks :|:))

Stephie- malaki na ko! dont treat me like a baby anymore :( thank you gorgeous. di man lng kita nakita. if you want, visit our school. I texted you already. well, read this one. special mention kita :) Your flight will be 2 days from now, goodluck sa jetlag :))

Nikki- my ever pretty summah classmate. hows life been treating you? goodluck to both of us. and thank you :)

Febbie- Oh my gawd! I super duper love you! Thank you so much for the video. Im gonna post it here. I cant believe it were already 16. Movie maker ba un? Parang eh :)) Kaya pla you ask some baby pixies. Thank you beshy :):):) UPDATE: FEB, I CANT UPLOAD IT! dont know but I'll find a way to upload it. Thank you :D

Milrose- Thanks mare! Soul sister, akala ko nakalimutan mo na :)) I love you and thank you! :D

Cousins and Relatives- thank you po :) I love you all.

My parents- thank you for making me and glazelle feel special this day. I love the both of you! :)

Friends and Online friends- thank you fellas. May god bless you all. :)

Dear God,

I really appreciate your love for me. Thank you much for all the blessings. You blessed me with things that gave my life a better kick. I love you God. Thank you for always staying by my side :) Thank you for the ever dearest and loving people you gave me. Thank you so much. Mwaahhh :-* :)

gladys :)

*I only copied this one from my multiply. so wag kayong magtaka if ever nkita niyong parehas :))*

Gladys/22 years old/Philippines

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