No Scrub!
Wednesday, January 7, 2009 • 1:54 AM • 0 comments

School is slowly killing me now. How I wish I can go back to the days were nothing really matters. Demanding my whole, demanding my whole, demanding my whole, Balls! I am really afraid to wake up everyday cause every time I open my eyes I can remember my tons of work and the faces of my horrible, horrible monster teachers. Ohmyfuckingod! I am bit guilty today. I know that we need to have an overnight today for our research project. But the thing is, Jessica allowed me not to come. I know it sounds unfair but she told me that she need to stay until 7 pm in school and our overnight will be at 8 pm. I am only allowed until 9 pm. What the fuck am I goin to do? She told me that I should work on the papers na lng. Than I said okay. BUT I WILL TRY MY BEST to convince my parents to permit me if ever we will have an overnight tomorrow.

Why is that people wanna make me suffer? I dont wanna give a damn :)) I mean, talk to my hand. :-@. I dont fuckin care if you're important than my food. Suffer bitch, suffer! Im sooo mean! =)))))))) And if I found out who are you, Im gonna kill you. Well, not really..... but I will have you killed.

My birthday will be next week. And I dont have any plan at all but to finish all my projects and assignments. Its so unfair! My birthday week is the exam week. I hope my classmates can't remember it cause I will be boom! I will be sixteen and ohmygoshness, I'm old now. Accidents will never be accidents anymore.

My mother came back home and she dont have anything for me :)) I'm quite starving now but I wanna go diet. =))))))))) My cousins told me that I'm fat and after holiday, I gained 3 pounds! I dont know how will I loss weight. I'm looking for something in Bambang a while ago. Maybe a diet pill or tea =)) Desperately looking! Well, we went to Bambang again (with Honey) to buy chemicals but its so expensive and its not complete. So we just waste our fare. :))

Need to go, I need to finish my Filipino Notebook. ;)

Gladys/22 years old/Philippines

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