School will start to creep in!
Sunday, January 4, 2009 • 3:19 AM • 0 comments

School will be tomorrow and my works were already finish. Thank you God! Well, I hope school will not demand a lot this year. I will be graduating high school this year and I will say hello to my college life soon. But before college, SUMMER FIRST! Homygawd! I super duper miss Ilocos Norte. The pictures that I have taken are still in my phone. I cant erase it that's why I always got reminisce. Well, 3 months to go and I'll see them again. Patience is a virtue.

I dont have any idea at all how school will treat me tomorrow. You know, I'm stuck at home for almost a week then went to Ilocos for almost five days then home again. I have done lame works the whole vacation. You know the thing... I woke up, clean the house, surf the net, watch tv, eat, watch fake DVD's of TKA, read pocketbooks and magazines, went to Ilocos, attended weddings, burials, baptism, kwento modes, iyakan time, fun moments with family and relatives then went back home, eat, sleep then again and again and again. I have all the tamad moments this vacation.

How can I cope now with school? Oh Jesus. Please help me. I need to have a high average cause my mom want it and I want it din. Hay naku... hay naku talaga. I love you 2009. Pinapaisip mo ko ng bonggang bongga. Well, need to go. I need to sleep early cause its too hard to woke up very early because of coldness. Toodles!

Ilocos, I miss you so much. Lahat ng bagay naugnay ko na sayo. Maglalayas na ko! =))

Gladys/22 years old/Philippines

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