Trouble... here I come!
Tuesday, January 20, 2009 • 12:56 AM • 0 comments

I thought this thing is just a joke but it is perfectly a fairy tale. :)) School is always a big deal for me. Whenever we talk about school, I need to be proper, I need to submit everything, I need to be nice and random blahblah. But when senior year came, I started to ditch everything. Our class cut our classes into a half day, absent for a week, go to school after recess time. Very horrible as you may think, but we are not in the state of rebellion.

And my teachers told us that it is okay as long as they were not liable to whatever happen to us. So were super happy! ^_^ But one day, a wicked witch came. She is so bad that we refuse to go to her class. We passed our portfolio and everything then we cut our classes so we can comply on our project in C.A.T. So were super happy to be away from her. Then the next day, we didn't go to school for our Research in The National Library. We had a super fun day. When I arrived home, my classmates texted me that we will be suspended because of cutting classes. I was like whoa, excited! :)) This is my first time to break the rule that someone got mad. I am not taking it seriously and the fact that the whole class is involved, I was super excited :))

The witch was like serious then it suddenly bother me. I was like having second thoughts and asking myself if she will call our parents, kick us out from school, or will let us to attend the graduation. And now, she told us to bring our parents tomorrow for the meeting about the suspension. Okay, I don't know what to do when I heard of the word "meeting." It was like raising hell on the ocean. Then I need to tell it to my mom and dad. I am so irritated when they keep on asking me if I'm the only one who needs to bring her parents. I also told them the direction on how to go to our school for almost 5 times now. :(( I cant tell if they were angry. All I know is that they were quite disappointed. :( Uhmm, yeah, me too :))

The wicked witch is still firing my life. And she is so imbento. She is not teaching us at all and she also boast all her riches on us. It was like slapping her words on our face when she told us that, " we don't have money." I cant remember her exact words, but all of us know that she implied to us that we are poor. Yeap, were not as rich as her but we can make sure that were better than her manners. She always tells us to trust God always, pray and be humble (bcuz she is a Values Teacher) but what she have done to us is way better to jump on the river. Well, I hope the education department can read this one so that.... yay! We dont know what to say.

Trouble... here I come! BOW.. :)

Gladys/22 years old/Philippines

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