Welcome 2009, Goodbye Yesteryear!
Thursday, January 1, 2009 • 2:31 AM • 0 comments

Goodbye yesteryear! I cant believe it that Im already waving my hand to two-oh-oh-eight. It seems like time flew so fast. We are already in the 9th year of the millennium :)). As what I have wrote in my post yesterday, I will have the highlights that 2008 brought me. 2008 is the the deadliest year ever for our clan. Three known and important people died :(. But then, at least our family is still strong to support each other. We are each other's support system :). I love Fortin and Cabugon People!

1) Welcome 2008 (and now goodbye 2008 :( )
2) Early year Sickness (HAHA!)
3) My 15th birthday ( I will be sixteen soon. ugggh)

1) Valentines ( My single awareness day. HAHA!)
2) Father's birthday (we love him so much!)

1) A lot of perfect crimes with friends (Takas moments again in the mall. Young Folks! HAHA!)
2) Sadness about Ate Luz's confession after junior year
3) Holy Week (Yeah! Di ko feel. HAHA!)
4) Stupidity Alert (Ailene! You knew it!)

1) Mama Cel's Birthday (Swimming day! Very nice break!)
2) Cabugon people visited us (a very enjoying moment before the torture. oopps!)
3) Start of WC journey ( Meet a lot of friends that already have my heart. I miss you guys!)

1) MWF memories in WC
2) End of RT in Wesleyan College (very memorable talaga to.)
3) New phone (my 7 months begging already ended. HAHA!)
4) Vacation in Pangasinan (last day of vacation)

1)Start of Classes (Im already Senior now!)
2) Visited UP for the application
3) Hectic and addict moment! (grabe! I wish I am dead this time)

1) Start of my multiply (it is still alive until now. So add me up :)) thank you! HAHA!)

1) Super Busy! (a lot of practices)
2) Intrams preparation

1) First grading class cards were given :))
2) Went to a lot of birhday parties (without any permission again cause I know I will not be allowed. Takas moment!)
3) Intrams
4) My anniversary with Lawrence (okay, laugh as much as you want. maybe Im insane but you will see. HAHAHAHAH!)
5) Death of Lola Saling (very kaiyak moment)
6) Jillian Invasion (that bastard! HAHA!)
7) Happy Birthday Milrose!

1) Effin fs rules
2) Happy Birthday to YOU! (congrats! you rock the museum!)
3) Science Month (di ko na feel. HAHA!)
4) Misery with friends (and the things were okay again. :) )
5) Lola Saling's 40 days (fun day even though we miss her to death)
6) Halloween Shopping Mania!

1) Happy Halloween (watched a lot of katakot things!)
2) Sembreak (kahirapan moment! agree?HAHA!)
3) Paolo Banila Craziness ( panic about the what so called "virus". IDIOT!)
4) Friendster "flush down friends" sickness (people became hysterical. HAHA!)
5) Twilight madness! (edward cullen bitten all the people in cinemas!)

1) Death of Lola Loring (I didnt come cause of hectic loads!)
2) English month (effin drama fest and nakakahiyang speech Choir)
3) Death of Tita Emma (until now, it breaks my heart)
4) Ninong Roger's Wedding
5) Ilocos Escapade (vacation + tears + fun + reunion = love)
6) Kuya Ryan and Ate Suerte's Wedding
7) Enzo's Christening
8) Last day of 2008 (byebye)

2008 really had a lot from me. I hope 2009 will give a better kick :). Sana naman maging lucky na ko. Well, I know I am blessed with a family and everything. Sana wag lang magbago and wala munang mawala. :) Ngayon kung ayaw mong maniwala na nangyari to, reviewhin mo ung blog entries ko! =))))))))))))))))))))

Happy New Year Everyone!

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