Y doy vuelta a mi noche a un día ;)
Saturday, January 10, 2009 • 1:59 AM • 0 comments

I just finished customizing my effin friendster. The codes are not all working and its not my fault, its friendster that needs a repair. Well, if you wanna see my work just click my fs link in the left side of my blog. But it is a private one. You can add me if you want to but I decline strangers :D. Please lang ah, walang personalan if ever I decline or deleted you. I do it for a purpose, and that is for PRIVACY. :))

Well, I am out for 3 days because of school. Last Thursday, I'm in school then I went home to tell everyone that I need to have an overnight for our IP. And they permitted me. Yay! Malaki na ko :)). Honey and I went to Bambang to buy chemicals. Then we went straight ahead to Jessie's house for the experiments and papers. We started late :(. We were not so wide awake cause were all tired and sleepless. And I really laugh my heart out when I observe my group mates sleeping disorders =))))))))))))))))) And sarap picturan :)) And I am so hungry the whole day although I ate. We finished late so we went to school late. But when we arrived in school, all my classmates were gone. We also begged out teachers to move the passing dates of our assignments or if we can make it on Monday and they agreed.

Then we went home na rin. We were in a jeep and I cant help but sleep. Good thing, Kriszia is still awake. Honey and I ate at Mcdo. We also teased each other that we can fell asleep in Mcdo. After eating, I went home na. Pinilit kong di makatulog :). When, I arrived home, I only speak a little then boom! Im already asleep. I woke up this morning around 8:30 am. =)) After eating straight in front of the PC until now. :))

Very fun but tiring day. Btw, PT is moved next next week. And UPCAT too. ;)

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