I miss you the minute we parted :(
Thursday, February 5, 2009 • 4:00 AM • 0 comments

Today is such a whooosssh! I arrived early and the chills were like kay, go away. I wished last night that this day would not be so stressful. And my prayer is answered except when Math time came with the sarcastic student teacher. I used to like her but she is more like my Statistic teacher when I was in my freshmen and junior year (please put a plus in her chalk holder and its color yellow!) We had our effin C.A.T class and it was so crazy plus the teacher is already insane. Oink. Oink =))))))))

We went to Kim's birthday and its super fun :D Ofcourse, my very first dirty little secret this year started again (don't bother to tell anyone cause Im out to get yah!). Kim is already 17, so happy birthday Kim. Almost half of the class went to her birthday so it was really a blast. I was hooked by Arby. Awwww, she is crying because her digicam got lost. Whoever stole it, well then darn! Your such a puakenineni. Nakakaiyak si Arby but she is so cute. Ang cute cute ni Arby nung naiyak parang baby :D.

We need to go to whatever is the name of that place tomorrow. Its for our Research again. On the 20th we will have the Science Congress. We are already tired. And the strategies of the teachers are already working on me. Yeap, lazy teachers + lazy students = students reporting. And pinagsabaysabay pa nila. Well, school time will be over soon. So goodluck na lng :D

Gladys/22 years old/Philippines

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