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Atlast, we already have a connection! Effin internet. It didn't work for days. I can still remember my sister's ridiculous face while shouting at the monitor =))))))))))))). Well, summer will be soon and this Sunday will be my PUP entrance test. I hope I could pass. :)

When we have no internet connection it was like hell. I can't sleep without thinking my accounts :P. Btw, my PG friend is attacking my self esteem again. I don't know why is that she is so epal. She always beg for thinggamajigs and she always ask me what? ano? huh? oink oink. Nakakagago. I think she is goin back to her old manner. And btw my best friend! :)) Of course best friend sounds sarcastic and ironic again =)) I think she is good to me now. Well I know that she is good naman, the thing is she's mayabang and very much of a blabber. Oh well, shoo!

And I hate this day.

1) It didn't gave me anything but stress and irritation. ( Essays and reports from the monster teachers that I really need to kill after grad!) I'll post something boom after grad. Patay sila diyan! :))

2) The people around me were so messed. (Also me. And it is so depressing. *blank*)

3) I can't stand the rumors around. ( I heard a lot and others were more like trash. K, you know who you are. So if ever you read my blog you're free to say bad words on my wall but be sure that you are good in hiding!)

4) It demands my whole (Duh!I It is not yet a life and death situation so why bother to push?)

5) I love to be young forever but to level the respect to my age sucks. ( Yeah, the manong tricycle driver is soo kainis. Leche! I wanna slap him talaga. Buti na lang Im a good girl.)

6) It is so hot (Well, summer is coming)

7) I hate the abcbadladldj ( They are so fuckin inis)

8) I cant think of something again.

So bye for now. My stupid brain is not yet working. ;)

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