You dont know because you dont ask
Tuesday, February 24, 2009 • 2:53 AM • 0 comments

I am happy today when a comment suddenly poof on my page that makes me weak. I dont know if its right to be random today but I felt something that pulled one of my nerves so that I will no longer have the strength to smile. Kay, ang emo. Kasi naman eh, I am super duper careless. As in without any hesitation, I clicked 1 comment. Ang eeepppaaalll talaga. What's the matter with this very sensitive heart? I cant keep drama. Omygod! Pressure cooker pick my brain and drain its blood to shut me down. Why God? why? There's a million thooughts running through my brain now. The game was good ksi natalo ako :((. I hate to be emo, well stop!

So another week in school with tons of people that I like and I dont. Alright Im counting down the beat till summer time so better watch me out! Everyone keep distracting me, so it`s hard to get stuff done. We had our Science Gizmo a while ago. The first part is the most non sense part ever. I felt that I only wasted my box for that effin gizmo with the super hyper ates and kuyas. The second part is the best part of the gizmo. Animation, dubbing, flying skills, and when I met you churvalloo. You can see how liberated Westian students are. Grabe, sanay daw siya dun. Sabaw :>:>:> I've heard a lot of issues about pregnancy, premarital sex, live in and a lot of opinions that will let you cultivate what's inside your brain or if you really have something inside of it.

I wanna disappear right now. I wanna stop the time and think over and over again the things I failed to do and the moments I failed to cherish. I am randoooommmmmm! I need something or someone to inspired me. Someone who's willing to listen to my dramas right now. I am more than a baby but less than a drama queen. How can you stand a girl like me? Leche, naguguluhan ako. Litong lito na parang gusto kong tumalon sa Pasig River para malaman kung mabubuhay ba ko dun kahit hindi ako isda.

I told my self dati na I will be positive kaya as much as possible pinag-aaralan kong matutunan lahat ng bagay. Nagtry naman ako pero parang wala pa ring effort. Buti pa pag nacocompute ka sa Math, wlaa man sa pagpipilian yung sagot meron pa ring sagot na pwede mong isulat sa blank. Tapos naalala ko pa yung time kung saan nag try akong gawin lahat. Nagpakabibo ako pero napahiya lang ako sa sarili ko. So ayun, tama na. Wala na kong maisip. Pagod na ko. Gutom na ko. Abnormal na ko. Anorexic na ko. I just fall in love pero parang pinarusahan ata ako. Ganito ata pag di tumutupad sa mga pangako.

Btw, I nakaw some pics from Maam Caroline's Profile. Dont laugh. I know I look bad in both pics. Gulatin ka ba naman ng picture ewan ko ba kung di ka magulat.

I still cant find my favorite video this time. The new lucky me commercial. Yeap, kakatouch yung song. Kamote :))

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