Freedom? Yeah.
Thursday, March 12, 2009 • 9:11 PM • 0 comments

I am sarcastic, maarte and so much of a drama queen. If that's what you all want to hear, then done. Happy? I try to convince everyone that even though you think that I made all the bad decisions in my whole life I am not a bad person at all. This is what all I want to brag right now. This is what I want. Why is that you people cant understand me? You know me since birth but you still keep in mind that I can never be what I want. I tried everything for you to understand me. I tried everything to be good. I know I am not good enough. But can you please give me some of your support? What am I talking about? Then better check this.

Sister Freak 101!
I am starting to pour vodka all over this undying issue. Yeah, she is my twin sister but basically she can't understand me.She always call me maarte and she is so insensitive. Even Antonette call her insensitive. Ano ba? Hindi lahat ng tao katulad mo. You are so lucky kasi you have a very brave heart at malas ko dahil hindi ako katulad mo. Kaya sana naman wag ka na lang magreact kung wala kang sasabihing maganda. And kung gumamit ka ng net akala mo sayo to. You always say na may schedule kaming ganito, magoonline ako ng ganitong time, buntung hininga hanggang marinig ko oink oink blahblah. Pero pag ako naman yung gagamit aamagin muna ako bago mo ko pagamitin. Dont compare your self to others. Comparison is one way of losing others self worth.

Counting Down the Beat!
Omy, I need to change f's codename to woosh! She already read my blog so better watch out. I know I am unfair for not telling this thing directly but please do give me some time. I hate her again. I dont wanna hate her since I need to cherish my last days in west. But ang kapal ng face niya. Really! She pigs out everything (every meal, every gadget, every moment, etc), she degrades our self esteem, she always thought that life is a big joke. She once had a very trashy idea that I cant even stand. Sa totoo lang gusto ko na siyang murahin. Pero dahil masama yun bahala na basta masaya siya. Baka kasi hindi na kami magkita sa college days, mamimiss ko pa siya. Can we please act our age? Let us be mature enough to know what's real from not? To know what's nakakahiya from not? And to know what the meaning of fataiy? =))

Career! Career! Career!
I thought I am already finished but I am not. My parents are still not in favor of what I want to take in my college days soon. The bible said na hindi ka maliligaw ng landas pag sumunod ka sa mga magulang mo. So kahit ayaw mo, kailangan pa rin? What's wrong with my decision? I just want to be an architect. I want to study in a normal way and not taking all the pressure because of the fact that I dont want the course. I want my College days to be a happy one. Yung hindi napipilitan. Yung hindi naprepressure. Yung masaya. Masama ba yun? All my life I let others control everything . I hide what's inside of me. I regreted a lot of things but still I try to let them slowly kill me. I will be in a Mental Asylum soon if I will still be jailed from this depression. So many questions and I cant find any inspirations. So tell me, kahit isang beses ba sa buhay mo masamang maging selfish? :-

Gladys/22 years old/Philippines

Im beyond your peripheral vision and aiming for art school.Im a provinciana girl at heart. I do think too much and contradicts myself most of the time.The internet doesn't speak for itself. There's more than meets the eye.