I Caught Myself :(
Wednesday, March 25, 2009 • 2:50 AM • 0 comments

I have a lot of choices but you dont want me to choose. Whatever way I wanna choose, it's still not important. I know that you're the one who loves me so much but please dont hang me in. I wanna see the real world and not to cover up my eyes by everything that you just want me to see. I wanna be someone that I can be proud of. Why is that its so hard for you to understand ? Hindi ako nagiinarte sa lahat ng binibigay mo. But please can you just let me be I want to? You always say na ako pa rin ang magdedesisyon but what the hell are you doin? What the hell are you doin to me? As the years go by, I will always remember that I can never be what I want. You will leave me soon for sure and that's the work of a robot. I will be simply stop by a button :(

Last Saturday, we went to Valenzuela for Kuya Jude's party. It seems like that it is a family reunion but not complete :)). I dont wanna laugh now cause I am really pissed. At first, I was hurt by everyone. Not the thing that it seems that I dont belong, but their opinions. I can say that we- oh they are really related to each other. Sheezzz, I cant talk in a nice way. I dont know but I really want to curse right now. I broke my sandals when we were about to go somewhere- sa bukid. So my mom got some rope and then I tied it up but she keep on insisting that it will cease so she knot it in an obvious way and leche napahiya ako. Napnsin ni Ate She. Kasi naman lagi na lang nakekealam eh alam ko naman yung ginagawa ko. I went straight in the room then I cried. Good thing, someone called me although I also got pissed. We went through a lot of camwhore things then went home.

Last Sunday, I went to SCHOOL =)) Then we went to Metropoint for the Gigger Boys Mall tour. Im with my friends so I felt good naman. We were like screaming and everything. I felt that I belong to ordinary people. It feels so good that you can extend your life for something real and unique. We were planning to go for a picture taking pero di natuloy cause the Gigger boys went out na. And ang gulo ng mga tao. It is so nice naman that I met a lot of people who knew me through net haha. We grabbed some Zagu and nakakainis kasi limited na lang yung flavors- ubos na daw. Okay, cafe latte. Although I dont feel the flavor.

Okay I am so pissed again. My Mom and Dad are starting to inspire me again. Leche, hindi nakakainspire ang pamimilit. X-(

Gladys/22 years old/Philippines

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