Im wishing for something good :)
Sunday, March 22, 2009 • 7:32 AM • 0 comments

And 6 minutes na lang! :)) Im have my count down for my video to be finally uploaded. Blast! My weekends are my supposed to be best weekends ever. But we know the rule, not everything you want can be yours. Okayyy, I am supposed to talk about the happenings last night kaya lang lets start muna sa lahat ng accounts ko sa net. Nothing much to talk about. I just wanna say that Im starting to hate friendster. Its now so hard to deal with and I dont feel any protection eventhough my profile is in private mode. And can someone (a very pathetic person living with others face) can shut that freakin fake profile now? My friend message me this thing saying that someone is using my photo saying that I am her friend. Friend? What the hell are you talking about? I am not accepting strangers in my account and I dont even know how did got my photo. And ano ba??? Hindi ako artista, hindi naman ako sikat and hindi naman ako maganda para pagnakawan ng picture. Okaaaayyy? Nakakahigh blood ka. If you dont get the hell out me then I will bang the hell out of you. And the profile is so baduy and halatang fake. And bagong gawa. She's not using my photo as a primary but still she uses it in her album. Sooooo what the hell are you thinking??? My God! I am a user of friendster since 2005 but hell their system is still not okay. And to that effin girl/guy, please shut that profile or else. Dont make me run after you. I can do something that you cant. So pleaassee. Feel free to bash her off :)) Effin Account of her! I only have 2 fs- one is active and the other one is already idle (I cant remember my eadd and password eh haha), 1 multiply, 1 facebook and definitely 1 blog. No more, no less. :)

Okay, photos first and tomorrow kwento. Antok na ko. Sobra. Its already 11:21 pm :))

Our Second Home- Valenzuela :)

Look at Glazelle, she's so retarded :))

our very sweety picture :))

there you go, sam :)

samuel :P

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