Its a love story, baby please say yes :)
Friday, March 6, 2009 • 2:19 AM • 0 comments

Well, there's nothing to blog about but school! Exam week, monster teachers, preparation for graduation, anxious and final moments. Its been four years already and Im not yet ready to take my final walk but Im pretty excited for the end =))

Uhmm btw, hello March! Another hello Month for this endless blogging. Chesca invited me to her sweet sixteen tomorrow, but I'm afraid that I can't come. Well, I decided not to come. I have a very hectic sched. All the requirements should be ready by next week or else.

Michael and I went to Regine's zoo a while ago for the blahblah so it can be woosh! =)) Sorry ah, secret kasi to. :>:>:> We talked about random things then we went lagpas pa sa place. Ang saya kasi namin. Went to bookstore to find some interesting books then went home.

Francis Magalona died already! I am so shock and I have all the goosebumps in my body when I heard the news. I am also a fan of him cause he is proud to be Pinoy. For me, he left a lot of good legacies in the music industry and in this present generations. He died with a lot of promises and dreams for the people and in his other co musicians. May he rest in peace now.

And just like Milrose, Im super addicted to Taylor Swift's song, Love Story. It is like a modern-classical love story fitted for everyone. And Taylor Swift is so pretty. I hate Joe Jonas for dumping her just to be with Camilla Belle. I love Joe but I dont like how he ditch Taylor and Im not against Camilla Belle. Camilla is a well-grown woman so there's nothing much to care.

Another day, another drama. Toodles!

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