Kiss me through the phone!
Sunday, March 29, 2009 • 5:22 AM • 1 comments

Im suuuuppppeeerrrr excited and happy :)) I had a very good dream and a very good day except some other things that keeps on nagging me. I wanna keep the "life less serious" theme this summer. And I dont really know if my summer will be worth it to be reminisce. I want Summer 08 back. Way back when I met a lot of people from Wesleyan, way back when I learned something (did I learn something?), and way back when I was in my junior years.

Uhmm, I am not yet finish in my Social Workbook and I hate to go to school at 6 am. Gawd! It is so early pa. Three days to go and I am certified high school graduate. And I am so excited for our Section Tshirt! Woah, it is personalized/personalised... whatever! :))

Jane and I were super tense for the PUPCET Results. Results will be tomorrow. I hope I can pass. Please help me pray.. please :D I wanna study there para quits kami ni mother earth. She likes the course, I like the school... so okkkaaay!!!

And please Einstein People, dont be absent na. Counting down the days na tayo. Masakit man isipin pero wala na tayong magagawa. See yah soon guys. That's a promise :) And I am soooo inis na sa mga ibang regular people in west na hindi makaintindi ng simpleng instructions. I am not mayabang for telling you na di kayo makaintindi but we all know na biro lang sa inyo ang practice. Ewan ko sa inyo. Ang hirap umupo sa gym tapos ang ingay niyo pa.

Milrose went online again! Naexcite pa naman ako kasi she will be with me at G5 tapos di pala. Binyag slash fiesta kasi ng kanyang pamangkin :)) And I really miss Nucleus People. Gaawwwddd! Gusto ko na kayo ulit makasama :>:>:>


There, I am sooo lame again. bukas ulit.

Toodles! Mwaahh :-X

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