Going back to Normal!
Saturday, April 25, 2009 • 6:47 PM • 0 comments

Yay! The long wait is over. Our PC is okay again. Kaya lang friendster is super tagal mag load. So updates again since I'm away for about 2 weeks.

I am missing Einstein People and West High. My closet and cabinets were already cleaned. Four years in West really made my room a dump site =)) And andami kong nahalungkat. I throw away some garbages. Basically it means, bad memories. And I kept all my classmates' letters for me, the same as the photos. Well let us just have it little by little.

Being a Real Life Sister!
Its been a month since I left West. I left my friends and classmates already. Wala na kong ibang kausap at kalaro kundi ang favorite monkey ko. At talaga namang napaka abnormal niya. Super kulit at araw-araw na lang nanggigising. Wala naman akong magawa kundi kausapin na lang. At ito pa ang pinakamalaki kong kalbaryo, LAGI SIYANG NAGPAPALIBRE! Napaka in your face talagang pang-iinis :( One day, I discovered something about her. Bwahaha! I will not post her dragon fruit pictures. Magagalit siya eh. Pero pag ako nainis, HAHAHAHA!

High School Memories
I miss Einstein People. I have all our junks right now. I have your letter. I mean, a lot of them. Sa mga hindi nagsulat sa kin nung mga panahong magkakasama pa tayo, pwede comments na lang? :)) Well, Carla texted me na we have a reunion daw in Glorietta. I dont know if I can come but I will try. And Roselle, nakita ko na yung album. And ang pangit ng picture ko dun =)) And one more thing, Mary Jane! Nakaka stress na yung mga text mo :)) Miss yah :-*

I miss you Luzers :(

Major Sunog!
I burned some papers containing all the shits I have done in my hs life. I am so pissed off whenever that papers still give a huge kick in my life. They bring back all the hurts, stupid moments and a lot of my trashy decisions. So yun ang bagay sa kanila, masunog ng bonggang bongga. I waited a long long time for them to burn in hell and now that they are gone, I am missing them. They contain the old me. Way way back when I was 12 until Im 15. They have everything. So goodbye, bad memories! Btw, if you will check my blog in multiply... there's something... something you dont know but you will discover soon :)

Anthony, remember that notebook? :))

Thanks for everything. Goodbye! :)

Forget about the face :)) Look how fat I became this summer.

Goodbye High School, Hello College!
Absurd changes can be seen now. I will now experience a little bit of freedom in college life. Last April 20, we went to PUP for the interview and for the processing. I am so nervous. Actually, I invented a lot of answers na for the Frequently Asked Questions pero pangalan lang pala yun itatanong, masyado akong ready :)) I dont even know if I made a right decision. Obviously, I dont really like the course cause I dont wanna be a CPA. I told myself na I will give my best para matapos ko but when I saw my sched, maaaaan! May Filipino pa rin. I suck in Filipino but I need to fight for that 3 units. I also have summer class so I dont know if I will be normal again. Isa lang naman ata yung may components ng Math, 6 units nga lang. The subjects are more on law and computer. And the most deadliest thing I've entered in my whole life is that maintaining a grade of 2.0 for the retention in the course! So Architecture no more :(

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