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Wednesday, April 1, 2009 • 1:50 AM • 0 comments

And its all done. I made it! You made it! We made it! Congratulations to all the graduates of Batch 2008-2009.

I slept without anything on my mind last night. Its very tiring and quite sad for me. I don't know but I am suffering from vanity again. Supposedly, I am so excited to see Tito Francis and Aldrin yesterday (wanna have some chitchat again haha!) but I am sooooooo sleepy and I need to wake up early for my grad. They arrived somehow at 1 am daw then they went to NAIA at 3 am na. Naks, excited ah ;))

Then April 1 is already at my eyes. This is it. I will have my diploma and I will be having my toga now. I will be marching down the aisle to finally reach my very recognition as a graduating student. I am sooooo happy. A lot of people texted me (in time of grad march) . Some do the greetings in the net. It so nice, pampatanggal bored sa Astrodome. Two more days to go and I will be leaving West. I will be leaving my classmates. I will be leaving my people. But this is a see yah soon parteeehh! See yah soon great people! :)

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Tadddaaa! Sweaty Photo! =))

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