Dont tell me its not worth dying for :)
Thursday, May 7, 2009 • 7:44 PM • 0 comments

I am soooo bored now! I am uploading all the graduation videos I have in my cam. So classmates if you want the video and if you want my work to be as easy as possible just PM me so that I can send it to your emails or just simply watch them (one by one haha!) in my multiply. The first video is the entrance which I need to upload for 80 minutes! So each day, I will upload one video :D

Well, I really dont have enough happenings to blog about. College will be soon. I am nervous at the same time excited. But I really want to spend my summer in the province. I always smell the scent of the field at early 5 in the morning. I want to come with my dad in Ilocos eventhough the storm there is Signal #3. Or in Pangasinan na lang. Sana matauhan si Mother Earth but I think she's the one who wants to visit Pangasinan ee. Kasi naman why is that the morons somewhere in Quezon City are soooo epal. Okay, Happy Birthday Ate Luz! I texted her early this morning and I cant believe it na she's 18 na. Ate legal ka na, inggit kami :))

And there's a lot of things that keeps on cultivating my brain. I cant tell yah all in right term now but I will hahaha. I wonder why whenever Im busy I can remember almost all of it and when Im not, I dont =))

a) the freaking H1N1 Virus
okay, I am not affected at all. It sounds so pathetic to me not to care about this virus that keeps on nagging the whole world. I think our country can avoid it. Beside the fact that our country is so hot to melt this virus. Well, I dont know what to say if Philippines will have this virus especially that Pacquiao is in the house :))

b) the "glazelle is cursing" video
this video is bentang-benta :)) I dont know, its not so funny but my sister is so funny. Her ridiculous face can even linger on your brain afterwards. =)))))))))))))

c) I want water!
swimming! I want! Aja and I had a plan na dati pa pero hindi natuloy. At dahil dun natadtad na ko ng katamaran. If I will go to Pangasinan, I am sure that I will have a lot of swimming and whatever moments there.

d) Birthdays!
I wanna greet people now. Pake? :))
-Maria Luz Belarma>>> happy birthday ate! Iloveyou and Imissyou. Mwahh :)
-Danica Lim>>>happy sweet sixteen beb!
-Nicole Estrada>>> on May 12 pa pero happy birthday :))
-Joleen>>> my multiply friend, belated happy birthday :D

and the video is still on its 39 minutes more to be uploaded :))

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