Getting Bored in your Paradise
Tuesday, May 26, 2009 • 5:37 PM • 0 comments

Well, I dont feel like blogging now. I'm just bored. I am still waiting for the videos to load. And guess what? I am already on Episode 20 on BOF but I still can't help myself to watch the show at ABS. I am still here and as usual, I am still stuck on our house. It is so hot. I dont know kung tuloy pa talaga kami sa Pangasinan.

Anndddd I am super irritated! Ang daming tumatawag sa bahay and ang daming nakekealam. I hate this. I need to be stuck here in the house with my ever panget sister. She's pissing me off. And if ever naman manood ako ng tv puro si Hayden Kho and friends na lang ang palabas. I'm so sawa na. Perverts!

This vacation really sucks now (except for the BOF atmosphere)! And yeah 2 more weeks to go and I will be in College. I hope I could pass all of this. I am starting to miss my classmates and friends. I am away from them for almost 2 months and it is so depressing. As each day pass by, I am starting to get bored and I am starting to burst out everything.

My friendster is so lame. But the comments never fail to make me happy everyday. I am starting to feel something new and I hope it would be fun.

So yeah need to go cause I think the videos are somehow stuck. Errrr :

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