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Saturday, May 23, 2009 • 12:58 AM • 0 comments

I already start giving up. I really cant imagine myself dealing with this thing but I did already. The process will not be easy but I know I can cope. Its so good to be back to my own life. Its so good to be me, the forgotten me for almost four years. And yeah, somehow its hard for myself to explain everything and the why-im-so-vain question. HAHA! Everyone may not understand this part. This is not concern with love, relationship or any blahs on your mind. If it does, so be it :) This is a sudden change for me. A change for the better.

At kamusta naman ang title? Dont you think its quite romantic? Well, at first I dont like it. Its good to hear but still its a promise. Can be broken. Can be forgotten. Can be denied. But now, Im starting to love it. Yes, it can be broken, forgotten or even denied but I think there's still a reason why everything is already messed up. And I quote my title from Boys Over Flowers (Korean Version). Cause for heaven's sake Im already hooked. Oh not hooked; Im addicted! Im still watching it online (Already on Episode 14). I need to mend my heart for a little while because of Episode 13 and 14. That part is very touching and it is so sad. Imma say two thumbs up for the Korean Version and oh to Yoko Kamio who wrote the manga. Im starting to sing the same song again so better shut this one :))

Sooo, my father came back yesterday from Ilocos. He brought a lot of stuffs. And I just realize that it is so hard to be in a conservative and strict clan :)) I am not taking that thing seriously. Well, I just mention it because I cant watch BOF Online without anyone looking. My father and mother are always peeking on the monitor. HAHA! My mom likes Ji Hoo so much and she cant go out of the house at 6 pm because she's trying to catch up the show. And my dad is always saying that Jun Pyo and everyone in the show are all gays. Natatawa ako na ewan :D

And I am seriously deleting some random accounts in my friendster. I will not really delete people that I dont know personally but only people that I dont like. I feel like shutting my account to my personally known friends. And oh the Hayden Kho issue is such a crap. I am not against anyone here pero wala na bang pwedeng ibang balita? Ngayon lang naman umaaksyon yung government kasi artista yung biktima. I doubt if they will take actions if someone from the public got that issue.

So toodles!

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