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Saturday, May 2, 2009 • 7:17 PM • 0 comments

Hola May! Another sweet summer. I've been busy customizing my blog but I ended up with this stupid one :)) Nakakaubos din pala ng utak yung araw-araw na pag-iisip kung anong mangyayari sa kin. Although I hate to say this but I am now officially owned by boredom. For a week, I am super sick. Not a serious one, pero feeling ko mamamatay na ko. I wanna go to the province na kaya lang I need to do something in my future school this May 11 eh. Well, I have a lot of inspirations/desperations this week. Super hangover. I find it so amazing for me to blog about this things. Very Superb.


My New Haircut
I had it last day pa. Nung una, si Glazelle yung nagpagupit- trust me, ang ikli. And now, Its my time to cut the scene. I think for six years, I have my long hair. I dont want the short one, kasi I look like a boy. But now, I need to cut it short for me to look mature. My friends told me that I look like 14 even though Im already 16. So here's the result!

Its not so short as you think, but the shape and shade made me look mature-the same as my age now. I will go to the parlor later so it can be rebonded na. Even though I like how my curls responded to my new haircut.

Mare/Baleleng/Soul Sister
Tadaa! Oo nga pala... Happy Friendship Day Milrose! =)) Late post ako ngayon. One year na kaming mag friendship ng loka lokang yan. I really miss you na mare. Well, kahit nabigo kami sa una naming plano na pagpasa sa UP, masaya pa rin kami dahil malaya na kami sa college to go anywhere. Simple lang naman, adik siya kay Robi, adik ako kay Sam :)) Woi, Boystown Mare! =)) Beleleng, magonline ka na! Chikahan na tayo :))

Kaunaunahang picture namin :))

Your Song Presents: Boystown
Homygawd! I am super excited about this one. Hindi na ko mabobored every Sunday :)) I dont really know the true story of Boystown but I hope its not about kulungan. Underage is cool too. But this one is kinda different kasi Gigger Boys yung featured. It is so cool. Regine! eto na yung sinasabi ko :))

Click here for the trailer :)


Yesterday while Im busy cleaning our sala, my father is outside doing something. A girl passed by and she's selling "halaan." She's so little that you cant even believe na 11 years old na siya. The pail is so big and sira pa. Naawa ako dun sa bata. Habang ako nagrereklamo kasi wala akong magawa sa bahay meron pa palang mas dapat na magreklamo sa kin. Well, sana swertehin(sp?) na lang yang bata :)

The Story of my Stomach
My stomach has a new bestfriend. I am acididc since Im six. Kaya naman whenever I ate sour foods or softdrinks, my stomach is rumbling and jumping. It is so painful and I cant move. Nakakainis yung feeling. I cant work ng maayos and I cant watch TV kasi I need to lie down na iniipit yung tiyan. Pero now Im okay because of my new best friends =))

I dont know if I'll be goin in Pangasinan pa. Kainis kasi, bakit naman kasi may mga epal dun. Well, gusto ko talaga magbakasyon this summer kasi baka four years ko nang hindi magawa to. Whatever. Need to go now guys, toodles. Btw, Watch Pacquiao-Hatton Match now ah. I dont know why pero sobrang big deal sa mga tao to. Okay, Go Philippines!

Gladys/22 years old/Philippines

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