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Im totally lost! Yeah. After watching all the episodes of BOF Online, I cant think of something else. I just finished it yesterday and Im so moved. I was like crying like hell yesterday because the Korean Version is the best one. I cant tell you something about it cause I dont wanna be a spoiler :)) But then, it really portrays true love. I also memorize some of their lines. Basically, I will call it "my quotes" :)) Although I thought that Meteor Garden is the best version, (well, its the classic. HAHA!) Korean Version lang ang nagpaiyak sa akin. I will post some of the quotes and song verses that I really love from the series. Please dont get sawa to my addiction cause I know you would also take your pick. Right? :D And because I am so happy, Im gonna share the link to all of you. I dont care if you want it or not. Im just being good now :)

"I'll be back soon
Stay put and wait for me
I love you Geum Jan di"
>>>This line made me cry. I know that you already saw this one in my previous post. But I cant help to be move :)

"Youre a stain that
I want to remove"
>>>Wtf? This is so mean. With just one snap and everything will be erase. This is so heartbreaking :(

"The person who said that promise
and the person who heard that promise
do not exist anymore..."
>>>This line is so depressing. They were both hurt. Both hurt by pretentions.

"If you keep on choosing the things that I like,
What am I suppose to do?"
>>>Letting go of someone is so hard to do. Very hard. Especially if that person gives you a reason to hang on.

"You are so cruel..
so cruel!"
"I am really cruel.
I just pretended that I'm not..."
>>>Back to back line. Its so hard to believe in these words especially if your heart is saying that its not true.

"I dont have money,face and status but..
why did you choose me?"
"Because I have all of that.
All you need to do is to be Geum Jan di..."
>>>OMG! You better watch this one. The characters' expressions here are priceless.

"I only know...
I only know love.."
>>>This is Jan di's song for Jun Pyo when she was asked by the witch to play the piano for them.

"I try to comfort myself with lies"
>>> This is Yi Jeung's line to Ga Eul. And I really dont know what his talking about here :))

"The Gu Jun Pyo that I like...
the Gu Jun Pyo that I love...
is not here anymore!"
>>> She told this one to Ji hoo with so much tears that keep running on her face.

"Do you know how to swim?"
"No. I suffered from an accident when I was eight so I didnt try."
"You dont know or you cant swim?"
"Who are you tell me those words?"
"That's what you are Gu Jun Pyo!"
>>>The cutest part. Spoiler Alert! Jun Pyo suffered from selective memory lost because he save Ji hoo. He cant remember Jan di.

"Do you remember those name on that necklace?"
"Then take it back"
"If you wanna get rid of this then throw it away all by yourself"
>>>Jan di is trying her hardest to be remember by his love, Gu Jun Pyo.

"Please...say it again, my name.."
"Geum Jan di. Jan di! I am sorry!"

>>>Spoiler Alert! (again haha!) Jan di fall into the pool and she got the necklace. By doin that thing, Jun Pyo's memory triggered and he remember Jan di again. And that Yumi (bastard,liar and bitch haha!) got lost.

"Hankerchief is the most beautiful encounter. It wipes
your sweat when you're happy and energetic then it wipes
your tears when you're sad."
>>>This came from the book that Jan di keeps on reading to an anonymous mister.

"I love you! The only thing
I wanted to shout."
>>>Aww. Ji hoo's agony :(

"I am so sick...
Sick of your kindness!"

>>> Woo Bin's heartbreak. Woo Bin idol, no problem at all :))

"Its not a dream..."
"If it was, it wouldnt have been so painful."

>>>Ji hoo said to Jan di when they visited Macau to see Jun Pyo.

"I like you. No matter how i try to hate you, no matter
how i try to forget you, my efforts are so fruitless to the
extent that i get angered by it."
>>>Jan di is so sweet. The picnic thing is so bittersweet :)

There! So I still have a lot. I remembered a lot but Im gonna continue it again next time cause I am watching the series again. Very addicting. And I still have one more week for vacation. So toodles!

And oh the links :))

Watch me! (Until Episode 24 only)
Watch me! (Complete until the life of F4 after 5 years)

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