Oppa, Im Sowwwwy!
Wednesday, May 20, 2009 • 4:27 PM • 0 comments

The very-oh-my-gawd-cheesy-word I've ever heard in my whole life is "Oppa, I'm Sowwy!" HAHAHA! I am laughing so hard yesterday because of that word. It is so kaaliw to watch korean dramas online and their english subtitle is quite good :) Well, I am still waiting for Episode 10 to be loaded. I still have 15 more Episodes to go. My goal is to finish Boys Over Flowers Online this week. I really need to burst out my addiction this summer break. I dont mind being scolded by parents. I dont mind story telling my sister about what happened. And I just dont mind everyone now. Minsan lang ako mahook sa mga ganyang drama. Ang huling addiction ko nun They Kissed Again. :)

Hahaha! That's enough. Lately, I have been getting intouch with my elementary classmates again. It so superb! I can remember our stupidity and stubborness. You know, accident will always be an accident. Oh how I wish nothing really matters. I didn't spend my high school days with them. Four years is quite short but a very very long time to catch up everything. Four more years to go and we will enter the world of maturity. How time flies so fast. Hindi ko man lang namalayan na marami ng nagbago :)

Last night, when I was on our bedroom (Im listening to One More Time by Tree Bicycles), bumalik na naman ang iba kong katauhan. Kinukulit na naman ako ng alter ego ko. I thought I am goin to die cause I felt vanity crawling again. Then, I suddenly realize to give time for myself. I am sorry if you cant understand this part, but me too. A lil bit of randomness as you may see.

And sooo, I dont know what to say. And, I dont know how to end this one. So I'm gonna press this orange button. Sooooo... Click!

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