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This post have something to do with promotions and bashing up :)) I lost in touch with a lot of people now cause certified pulubi na ko. Vacation gives me a lot of relaxation but Im financially down. I wanna go to the Davids' and Pussycat Dolls Concert pero ganun talaga hindi pwede eh.

Mmmmm, I wanna greet my cousin EJ, a very very happy birthday. Happy Birthday Adeng! (sp?) I wish your bro and dad would come home na. Dinaya ka ,kasi hindi ka nila sinama eh :))

I am sorry Einstein people if I am not replying. Dont worry, best batch ever pa rin naman. And I wanna tell you guys na eventhough I love you and I miss you, I will not be goin to our reunion/brigada eskwela! I will brag na ah. Wtf are you all saying? Ayoko maglinis ng school. Kulang pa ba yung pagpapahirap sa kin ng nanay ko dito sa bahay namin? Trust me, it is not a good idea na magsabay yun kasee uutusan lang tayo dun and mawawalan tayo ng enough time for each other :D (excuse ng tamad! hahaha)

And btw I wanna knock knock fs now. Anu na naman ginagawa niyo? All my external links are gone so ampanget na. Putek! Sobra namang pagka in your face yang pagsamba niyo sa site niyo. I hate it.

And guys, sinong may isusuggest na magandang site na may css codes for multiply? Highly appreciated if you give me some :)) Thanks.

At ang pinakamasayang kaganapan sa araw na to ay wala si Glazelle sa bahay! Yes! Walang unggoy na aaligid sa kin! :P

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