Baby tell me now, How you love me now?
Friday, June 26, 2009 • 1:15 AM • 0 comments

Oh boy! Oh boy! Oh boy! You wont believe me now guys =)) I am super happy. Yesterday, I posted in my facebook (early in the morning) that I am wishing for signal # 3 cause I really dont wanna go to class. But now, we dont have class for two days because of the cleaning processes. Yehesss! Pinagbigyan din ako ni Lord. And I am so loving it :) Batang tamad on action :D

And yesterday eventhough Im too lame to go to school, pumunta pa rin ako and ofcourse with hesitation kung may pasok ba talaga dahil sobrang lakas ng ulan. At nung nasa jeep na ko goin PUP, yung baha hanggang tuhod. Buti na lang si manong driver naghanap ng ibang route pero medyo natagalan ako. Oh well, I met Bernadette at the flagpole then we go upstairs to wait for Andy and Cris. While waiting and discussing about the freakin assignment in accounting, Czacza came. Omygawd! I really dont expect it and for the fact that I dont see anyone of them in the campus. Then Aimee texted us that she will come. Then we saw each other na. Im so moved. Finally I saw them after 46464740032 years! Si Abbie na lang kulang (I saw her last Saturday and that's a good thing) We talked about a lot of stuffs, as in a lot then we bid goodbye cause my class is about to start.

So we all went to class. And I think 11D is too lazy to go to class. We only have two class: Financial Accouting and we were super nervous about this thing cause we really dont have any idea on how to answer the assignment that is too complicated for our simple minds. But, we do have boardworks and recitation and it made me understand the lesson a lil bit. And the next class is Management and I bet you knew how I curse this one. Not the subject but the professor. And I can name kabajillion bad things in his teaching skills. Uggghhhh, I really hate him till core. But infairness, he's quite funny yesterday by calling someone as "aswang." CLUE: Galit siya sa administrasyon :))

Well, well, That's all. I will watch love or bread ee.

Vacant until Sunday. Hmmmm...hmmm.

Lurve it :)

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