Extended Summer Storm!
Saturday, June 6, 2009 • 7:12 PM • 0 comments

Check the Site! :)

You got it right! I still have one more week to go. Yay! I super duper love this blessing. Well, I hope its not a karma. I mean baka ginagawa na to ni Lord kasi baka four years akong walang summer vacation. Please have mercy! HAHAHAHA! I'm so loving it. And my sister is freaking out cause she dont know if she will go to class or not.

Btw, last friday we went out to buy stuffs for school. I cant believe it. It looks like a dream. When I was in high school, I have 1 bag for my notebooks and books, 1 envelope case for my papers and artworks and 1 bag for my lunch and everything. And now I only have 1 bag-SMALL BAG for everything. Hindi ako sanay. Dati lang para akong may buhat na bato. Ngayon kulang na lang lumipad ako. I am under pressure for about12 years and now I will be under its spell again. I hope I can pass this thing. Masyado akong kinakabahan pag iniisip ko to. Masyado akong nawawala sa katinuan. I hope I could not eff up everything. So lets just pause this moment. Im on vacation mode. My brain and heart is on vacation mode. Please dont disturb :)

And my oh-so-latest-news is that MY BRACES WILL BE OUT THIS WEEK! It came earlier than I thought. Nakakamiss ang tatlong taong bakal sa ngipin ko. I dont know if I will have to use retainers or not. Happy brace free teeth for me! No more fancy colors to choose from =))

I am starting to learn the piano tabs for lucky by ashily (BOF OST). I am not learning it by sounds but from music sheets that I cant understand. And I really dont have any idea on how to use it. Well, Im gonna learn :)) I also wanna learn the La romanesca of N.Coste. But that would be hard for me cause guitar and violin is all I need. The guitar chord is so mess up. I just wanna share this information: La romanesca is Ji hoo's piece in BOF. The one that is played by Ji hoo in his violin. I have searched for that song for a very long time and its so hard to learn.

OH WAIT! WAIT! I think my braces will be out tomorrow cause my retainers in the back part of my braces collapsed. Just now. Omy! And I will not be goin to June 12 reunion of Einstein. Im so out for everything guys. So little time to mess up but see yah soon great people :)

Well, gonna go. Bye!

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