Summer Is Officially Out :(
Monday, June 15, 2009 • 6:10 PM • 0 comments

Bring on your pens and notebooks, summer's out and school is in. Hola College! Okay, please dont mind the date indicated in this post. Blogger is currently crazy now :)) Well, yesterday I'm already in the what-so-called "last stage of education." I fell into the state of realization that things will be very different now. I am already entering a university and I should learn how to be independent. As what Oscar Wilde said, I am not young enough to know everything. I am now entering the world of maturity and womanhood and soon I will be a strong woman with principles and a lot of ideas in mind. And for everyone's sake, I will not change. Maybe, you will not see me for a half decade but I will still be the Gladys that you all knew :)

Yesterday is my very first day as a college freshman. I am already between the buildings of Polytechnic University of the Philippines. I scheduled to go to the university at 8:30 am but I arrived an hour before. I was inside the train and I felt nervous and unease. When I arrived at Boni Avenue, I rode a jeep and saw Cariel. He have a 7:30 class and we were stuck in the traffic jam. The both of us are praying and wishing that the professors were absent HAHAHA! When we enter, the students were in a mess. Lahat nag-aantay sa labas. Hinatid ko si Cariel sa room niya then I went to the oval. Doon kasi ang first class ko. I texted Andy kung nasaan na siya and better yet puntahan niya na ko. Then we saw each other. Tapos we saw Cris and everything went well. We went to the university stores to buy band aid then we went back again to the oval. While waiting, we met Bernadette. She's so awesome. I find the three of them nice. And I got reminisce. Luzers! I am starting to miss you. We stayed at the oval for almost 2 hours and we havent met any professor. So we just walk around and mingle everything. At may mortal na kaaway na kami at yun ay si "Beyonce!" Well, its a childish act for me pero isnabero ang loka. HAHAHA! We went to our next class (Financial Accounting). Our Professor is nice. I hope she'll be nice the whole semester. And doi, we already have an assignment. We already have our textbooks. Our next class is Philippine History. I love the prof here. I think she's cool. She treat us as her grand children. I havent met the other professors so I will be really away for years =)). Then I went home with Nicole. My body is under pain. Well, masasanay naman ata ako. And my last rant is that I dont like my sched. I hope next sem, I'll just have the Saturday-Sunday vacant. I dont have class on Tuesday and Friday. I dont feel good about it, sorry.

Not a high school baby anymore. I hope College will be friendly to me. I hope I wont fail to be successful. My high school friends, I am starting to miss eveyone of you. Nothing will change eventhough we rarely or never see each other. Hola at me anytime you want. I am always here to support and give love to everyone. Just always remember that being away with you will give us a better time with everyone soon.

"Life is never fair, and perhaps it is a good thing for most of us that it is not"
"One of the many lessons that one learns in prison is, that things are what they are and will be what they will be. "
-Oscar Wilde

Cause I'm still an addict ;) Well, gotta go on my assignments :)

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